Marble Tile Maintenance

‘Marble is reputed in the international market for its premium quality, toughness and durability. It is often the preferred choice for interior and exterior in both commercial and domestic for flooring, wall cladding, paving, facades of buildings, pavements and landscaping. One of the main issues with polished Marble is with the polish wearing down and becoming dull over time, another issue is acid etching where by strong supermarket cleaning products etch into the surface of the Marble and ruin its appearance. To resolve this the stone needs to be re-polished with burnishing pads which hone the stone and bring back a deep shine.’ Services Include Cleaning Marble Maintaining Marble Polishing and Honing Marble Restoring the Appearance of Marble Sealing Marble Tiles Tumbled Marble Marble Conservatories Marble Countertops and Worktops Marble Hallways Marble Kitchen Floors Marble Patios Marble Shower Tiles To find out how we can help with your Tile, Stone or Grout problem contact us on 0345 512 0122 or email Recommended Cleaning and Maintenance Products Tile Doctor Stone Soap Stone Cleaner Tile Doctor Pro-Clean Tile and Grout Cleaner Tile Doctor Remove & Go Sealer & Coatings Remove 6-inch Stone Burnishing Pads 17-inch Polishing Pads White Buffing Pad Hand

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